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Gaye Vartiainen

We are very fortunate to have Jordan Griffin managing our Thrive / Whakapuawai Programme

Our non-for-profit charitable trust aims to support out Taupo community and the wider area.

Thrive is just one of the many programmes we offer. We have a team of 26 staff who are passionate about supporting others.

Thank you to all the businesses and organisations that support us.

Managing Director / Principal


Jordan Griffin

Program Manager

To me, I never feel like I go to work. The reason being is that I love what I get to do. I get the opportunity to be a voice for adults who have a disability. We saw a need in our community and decided to try our best to fill that need. Thus the beginning of THRIVE!


Sherrina Lamb, Education Supervisor

I am passionate about giving our adults the opportunity to develop in  their numeracy and literacy. I believe they can thrive.


Queenie Withers, Enterprise Supervisor

My hope is for our adults to thrive within their community. My mahi is to help our adults learn vocational skills and to be able to use those skills where they go.


Rhonda Ellington, Office Manager

My job is to make sure all the administration part of thrive is running efficiently. I also get some of our adults to sit beside me so I can show them admin skills and other related skills.


Lucy Howden
Adult Supervisor

My main job here at Thrive is head the sewing department but i also float around each station and help out when I can. I love working with these adults